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  important projects

Band 'GAM' with Axel Struck and Michael Leske
Tour in northern Bavaria

One man show in the Tali-Kino Kreuzberg

Composed and performed live music for TEATRO MU's four hour play 'die Lichtkämpfer'

Music for Rainer Fetting's film 'Brooklyn 11238'

SFB Produktion with the band GAM2
'Musikalisches Zwiegespräch'

Music for Jean Reuter's film 'Die geklemmte Hatz'

brass quintet
playing Medieval, Renaissance und Baroque music, including works by Pezelius, Reiche, Frank etc.
Collaboration with the band 'Sarabande' (Commedia dell`Arte)

Participation in the Atonal Festival
Solo and with NO ZEN ORCHESTRA

many years of (sound-) work in SO 36 (concert hall in Berlin)

Music for the THEATER HUNDERTFLECK 'Eliogabal - Der Wahnsinnige auf dem Thron' performed in Utrecht Netherlands
Music for 'Lots Töchter', N. Stockheims treatment and staging, as a psychedelic nativity play, of Antonin Artaud's description of Lukas van Leyden's painting of the same name, with Sebastian Rose (sax) and SPIELMUSIK

Music for 'Vom Blut des grünen Löwen' with Sebastian Rose (sax)

'Another Slice of Reagan`s Dick'
Performance against wars with 2 americans in SO 36

NO ZEN ORCHESTRA performances in the TU Mensa, Berlin and the Fischbüro

Soundwork for Andrea Morein's play 'The Magic Life Of Stones'
tour to Paris

Cassette releases on Dark Star (Auricle), England
'Kinder in der Wildnis' (Günter Schickert solo) and 'GAM' (GAM)

ZIGURI EGO ZOO with Udo Erdenreich, Dieter Kölsch und Sebastian Rose
perfomances in the Eiszeit Kino

WHITE MONKEYS PROJECT in SO 36 with Butoh dancers from France, Italy, Japan, the U.S. and Berlin

Participation in the festival 'Diagonale 4'
with Takuya Ishide, Francois Evangelisti and Ea Sola
in the Cafe de la danse, Paris

UFO - Unidentified Flying Orchestra
'HC' Suite for five guitars, bass and drums

ZIGURI EGO ZOO performed in the Tacheles the play 'Chronica X' inspired by Antonin Artaud's 'Die Eroberung Mexikos'

SEELEFUNKEN with Christian Günther and Alexander Christou
Octophone soundinstallation for the Synestesia in the Zeissplanetarium in Jena

ECHOMEN with Bernd Kistenmacher participated in the festivals
'Schwingungen' Duisburg
'Klangart' Osnabrück
Elektronikfestival Pisz (Poland)

DIE KLEINE KAPELLE - the first excursion in light music

ANANDA with Kamal Alam (Babu) and Alexander Christou